WP4 Quantum sensing

Physics / Industry
(Coordinator: J.-M. Gérard). In this WP we shall work on two complementary fronts. Josephson parametric amplifiers are currently used for amplifying quantum signals, as they come close to the quantum limit of amplification (i.e. minimal noise), but they suffer from intrinsic drawbacks, e.g. narrow bandwidth and low saturation power.
We will develop a new generation of parametric amplifiers based on Josephson junction arrays, operating at the quantum limit with large bandwidth and high saturation power. 

Another research axis is novel quantum sensors based on spin qubits in nano-mechanical resonators. The spin of nitrogen vacancy defects has ultra-long coherence times, so they can be manipulated with optical and microwave fields, for ultrasensitive magnetic and electric field probes. Nanowire vibrations can be used as vectorial force field sensors in the attoNewton range. We will combine these two objects to develop mixed sensors. To preserve the spin qubit from motional decoherence, we will lock the qubit dynamics on to coherent RF and phononic drives . The device has the potential for single-shot and quantum non-demolition readouts of the spin state.


1 PhD grant. We shall encourage industrial coaching (See Section 2 - Management)


  • M4.1 (T0+24) Ultrasensitive multimodal electric and magnetic field sensing
  • M4.2 (T0+48) Large bandwidth parametric amplifier based on Josephson junctions


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Published on January 23, 2018