Auffèves, Alexia

Institut Néel
Physicist, head of Quantum Engineering Grenoble
Tel: +33(0)456 38 70 11
Coordinator of Quantum Engineering Grenoble
Member of the board of the French GDR for Quantum Engineering IQFA (
Head of Quantum Engineering Grenoble

Research areas

  • Quantum thermodynamics
  • Quantum optics
  • Quantum foundations
  • Theory and modelling

Quantum foundations

Quantum mechanics leads to redefine the characteristics of physical reality. I investigate this novel quantum ontology, together with P. Grangier (physicist, IO Orsay) and N. Farouki (philosopher, CEA-Grenoble).

Quantum thermodynamics

I explore the nature of time arrow and irreversibility in the quantum regime, and its intimate connections with quantum randomness, quantum measurement, and decoherence. On the other hand, I develop new schemes to extract work from quantum fluctuations and quantum measurement. These investigations are pursued in close connection with experimentalists, in optomechanics and circuit QED. Our work paves the road towards an energetic approach of quantum control, feedback and error correction.

Quantum optics in the solid state

I transpose the concepts and tools of quantum optics, originally established in the framework of atomic physics, in the field of solid-state to investigate new physics and potential applications in quantum information processing. This activity is developed in close connection with experimental groups in quantum photonics.

Post-doc position

A post-doctoral position is available to work on the theory and modeling of coherent quantum engines and quantum Maxwell’s demons in cavity quantum electrodynamics devices. Read more

Published on January 28, 2019