QuEnG Seminar || Quantum Computing - Gauge-invariance in classical and quantum cellular automata and multi-scales analysis

on the March 31, 2021

At 4:00pm
The Quantum Computing seminars cover all aspects of quantum computing and quantum information theory, and will be jointly organised with the quantum information community in Lyon.
The next QuEnG Quantum Computing seminar will be given by Giuseppe Di Molfetta (Aix-Marseille University) on Wednesday 31 March at 4pm on Zoom (link below).
Abstract: "Cellular Automata constitute the most established distributed model of computation on space-time grid. It is clearly physics-like, in the sense that it shares some fundamental symmetries such as homogeneity (invariance of the physical laws in time and space), causality, and often reversibility. When a CA is invariant under a transformation identically performed at every point of the configuration space, they are said to have a global symmetry. Typical global symmetries include reflections, rotations, time inversion. Local symmetries, the cornerstone of gauge theories, is a stronger constraint. I will provide a constructive method, a step-by-step procedure, to make cellular automata invariant under the local action of a gauge group and the notion of gauge-equivalence will be formalized. Then, I will extend such results into the Quantum realm by means of a concrete example. In conclusion, I will discuss how such discrete time and discrete space gauge invariant automata can be described at larger scale, e.g. by differential equations, with and without information loss."
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Heure : 31 mars 2021 04:00 PM Paris
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Published on March 25, 2021

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