WP3 Qubit/Photon interfaces

Physics / Maths / Industry
(Coordinator: A. Joye) The most common proposals for quantum computing require that information in “storage” qubits can be transferred to photons, which carry this information to other computing nodes, or other quantum computers.
This requires the development of accurate qubit/photon interfaces, which will build on research on 1D atoms developed jointly at INAC and Néel [VLP+12,SAR+16,GSH+16].  It raises mathematical problems of modelling, which will require a strong expertise in quantum dynamics within Institut Fourier, Institut Néel and LPMMC [FSM+10,RS13,BJM+14,BHF16].  Inserting storage qubits (NV centers [AJS+11] or spins in quantum dots [GBB+11,BBG+15]) in optical microcavities or photonic nanowires [CBM+10] will provide light/matter coupling for efficient generation/absorption of single photons.

The theory of qubits interacting with a quantized field such as photons is a significant theme of research for theorists (at Institut Néel and LPMMC) and mathematicians (at Institut Fourier). Finding the conditions for accurate transfer of information through qubit/photon interfaces, under experimental conditions, represents a modeling and mathematical task of great interest that requires close connections with experimentalists.


1 PhD grant. We shall encourage co-supervision or twinned PhDs [Physics/Maths] and/or industrial coaching (See Section 2 – Management).


  • M3.1 Modeling and analysis of information transfer by Qubit/photon interfaces (T0+36)
  • M3.2 Demonstration of a high-fidelity spin-photon interface (T0+48)


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Published on January 23, 2018