Heringlake, Philip

QuEnG and GreQuE
After obtaining the BSc in Physics at the University of Paderborn in Germany I followed the Advanced Matter and Energy Physics Program at the University of Amsterdam where I graduated with a research project about Cathodoluminescence of Resonant Nanostructures at the AMOLF Institute.
My fascination for Quantum Engineering is driven by the question how sensitive mechanical measurements can be - can we get to the quantum regime at room temperature?

During my PhD at the Néel Institute I will explore the limits of a suspended nanowire whose driven oscillation trajectories change as it experiences a force due to surface proximity or electrical or optical fields. This system will be used to investigate novel physics like the 2d Casimir force. In a consequent step we will develop a mixed classical quantum probe using an attached NV-center in diamond at the nanowire extremity to detect magnetic fields simultaneously to proximity forces.

Philip Heringlake

Published on September 13, 2018