Bharadwaj, Karthik S

During my PhD I will work on the dual of Josephson Effect in Superconducting Josephson junction chains where there are quantum phase slips (QPS), which is the tunnelling of magnetic vortex through the weak link. This can be seen as a qubit source and I will try to understand and control the coherence of QPS and obtain real time read-out.
Previous education: Bachelor in Electronics and Communication Engineering, VTU, India. Erasmus Mundus MS in Nanoscience and nanotechnology, KU Leuven, Belgium and UGA Grenoble, France.

Quantum engineering, at first sight can be seen as a combination of Physics and Engineering. This name is completely justified by the fact that the second quantum revolution is focused more towards the technology that could be derived from such mind boggling physical phenomena. The most interesting part in this for me is to harness the computational function from this quantum nature.

Published on January 30, 2018