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  • In this talk Dr Dominic Horsman introduce recent work on high-level languages for quantum error correction processes.
  • In this seminar Dr Dominic Horsman will present recent work bridging the divide between high-level logical structures and practical quantum computing devices.
  • Aurélien Barrau (Laboratoire de Physique Subatomique et de Cosmologie) présentera les idées récentes qui font intervenir la possible existence d’Univers multiples dans le cadre de la cosmologie physique. Nous interrogerons la « scientificité » de ces propositions profiterons de cette occasion pour aborder quelques aspects d’épistémologie contemporaine. Entre dérives obscurantistes et tentations scientistes, comment se positionner ?
  • There are currently several empirically equivalent interpretations of quantum mechanics (orthodox, Everett, Bohm, ...), which provide different images of how the world could be like. On which criteria should one choose between them? Is an absence of consensus a sign of irrationationality? And finally, is choosing an interpretation a philosophical or a scientific job?
  • Real implementations of quantum algorithms on real quantum devices are not going to resemble the nice circuit drawings we find in Nielsen and Chuang. To actually run a quantum program we are going to need to translate from some simple high-level description, like a circuit diagram, to a complicated low-level description taking into account all the error correction, the quirks of the qubits, the architectural constraints of the machine etc etc etc. How can we have confidence that the final program is equivalent to the original one?
  • Quantum computing is on the verge of taking over the world. But what about its semantics? What about formal methods for quantum computers? Do we really need to carry around all the machinery of Hilbert spaces, unitary transforms, etc etc in order to work on quantum computing?
  • You can now apply to our doctoral programmes for Quantum Engineering in Grenoble. With our programmes, we aim to foster a pluridisciplinary ecosystem for quantum technologies, highly connected to the industrial world. Please check the QuEnG programme and the GreQue programme.
  • The lectures will respectively take place on Monday 19th and Wednesday 21st at 10am, in room D420 (third floor of building D) of Néel Institute, and will last approximately 90 minutes.
  • The first lecture will take place on Monday 29 May from 10 am to 12 in the amphitheater of “maison des magisteres”, and will focus on how one can get an exponential speed up to factorize big numbers with a quantum computer and what an exponential speed up implies in term of the characteristics of the qubits.
  • Le 28 avril prochain à 14h dans la salle amphi du batiment A (2ème étage) aura lieu notre prochain séminaire transdisciplinaire sur la science et la mécanique quantique (QUantum Interdisciplinary Science Seminar= QISS) . Pour cette occasion nous aurons le plaisir de recevoir Azzedine Boudrioua, professeur au LPL qui viendra nous faire un séminaire d'histoire des sciences sur l'optique:
  • Quantum Engineering Day
    on the June 29, 2017
    Meet the very unique ecosystem and strategies of the team Quantum Engineering Grenoble through a discovering day: labs and facilities, multidisciplinary approaches, new research forefronts, keynotes and presentations.
  • A seminar about Randomness, indeterminism and unpredictability in quantum mechanics, presented by Alastair Abbott (Néel), will take place on March 29th. in the room K223 (Neel), from 1pm to 3pm.