Chair of Excellence in Philosophy of Quantum Physics

The call has given rise to 8 applications which have been reviewed by 2 experts in physics and philosophy respectively.
After the reviewing step, the Quantum Foundations group has short listed the 5 following candidates (in alphabetical order):
Pr. Mauro Dorato (University of Roma),
Pr. Michael Esfeld (University of Lausanne),
Dr. Alexei Grinbaum (LARSIM-CEA Saclay),
Dr. Vincent Lam (University of Geneva),
Pr. Pieter Vermaas (Technical University of Delft).
On the basis of the projects, profiles, expert reviews and interviews, the steering committee composed of A. Auffèves, A. Baas, C. Branciard, A. Drezet, S. Louvel, D. Perrin, and S. Ruphy has attributed the Chair to

Published on January 30, 2018