Quantum Engineering Grenoble Seminar || Quantum Computing || Titouan Carette: "Causality and post-selection in quantum streams"

on the December 8, 2021

At 2pm
Quantum Engineering Grenoble Seminar Team is pleased to announce that the next QuEnG Quantum Computing seminar will be given by Titouan Carette (Laboratoire de Méthodes Formelles, Univ. Paris-Saclay) on Wednesday 8 December at 2pm at LIG (room 482, IMAG building), as well as on Zoom as a hybrid event (link below) for those unable to attend in person.
Title: Causality and post-selection in quantum streams
Abstract: A stream is an infinite list of data. In practice we can only deal with finite descriptions of such infinite structures. If there is a well developed theory of streams in the classical case, few have been done in the quantum case. I will present in this talk a graphical representation of quantum streams transformers and discuss the issue of causality and post-selection in such models. 
Access (in person)
The seminar will take place in room at LIG, in room 482 of the IMAG building on the campus. Someone will wait in the entrance to provide attendees with access to the 4th floor. 
Zoom link + details:
Meeting ID: 985 1551 2137
Passcode: 436965
Published on December 2, 2021

Practical informations


on Zoom as a hybrid event (read on for details)