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Quantum Engineering Grenoble Online Reading Group || Quantum Foundations - Giovanni Valente

on the May 21, 2021

at 3-5pm
The Physics-Philosophy Interface and the Chair of Excellence in Philosophy of Quantum Physics at the QuEnG are pleased to announce the first meeting of the 2021 cycle of seminars in 'Foundations of Quantum Mechanics'---see below for further information about these seminars.
This Friday, May 21st, at 3-5pm (CET), Giovanni Valente (Politecnico Milano) will be giving a talk with the title 'Lanford’s Theorem and the Arrow of Time'. Here's the abstract:

It has been a longstanding problem to show how the irreversible behaviour of macroscopic systems can be reconciled with the time-reversal invariance of these same systems when considered from a microscopic point of view. A result by Lanford (1975, 1976, 1981) shows that, under certain conditions, the famous Boltzmann equation, describing the irreversible behaviour of a dilute gas, can be obtained from the time-reversal invariant Hamiltonian equations of motion for the hard spheres model. In this talk, which is based on a joint paper with Jos Uffink, we examine how and in what sense Lanford’s theorem succeeds in deriving this remarkable result. Many authors have expressed different views on the question which of the ingredients in Lanford’s theorem is responsible for the emergence of irreversibility. We claim that these interpretations miss the target. In fact, we argue that there is no time-asymmetric ingredient at all.  

If you are not already in the mailing list for these seminars, and you wish to join, please contact me (Cristian Mariani; cristian.mariani@neel.cnrs.fr) for further information. The meeting will be held online on the platform Zoom.

This reading group is a new QuEnG initiative that starts in February 2020, from an idea of the PhDs and Postdocs interested in quantum foundations. Its aim is to bring together philosophers of science and physicists to discuss topics in the foundations of quantum mechanics. For the year 2021, the selected topic is Philosophical Issues in Quantum Mechanics. Due to the Covid-19 health crisis, the reading group will be held online, on a weekly basis. A list of our past guests includes: Valia Allori, Alexia Auffeves, Angelo Bassi, Jean Bricmont, Craig Callender, Claudio Calosi, Mauro D’Ariano, Aurelien Drezet, Nicolas Gisin, Philippe Grangier, Jenann Ismael, Peter Lewis, Vera Matarese, Tim Maudlin, Matteo Morganti, Carlo Rovelli, Paul Tappenden, Giuliano Torrengo, and Lev Vaidman.

Here you can find the recorded meetings.
Published on May 18, 2021

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