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  • For the next Quantum Algorithmic seminar we are pleased to welcome Steeve Zozor from the Gipsa lab, who will speak about the lossless quantum data coding problem.
  • On July 6th 2018, the second edition of Grenoble quantum engineering day will gather worldwide-renowned quantum physicists, industrials, local researchers and students and will showcase the dynamism and broad activities of Grenoble in quantum technologies.
  • Find out about upcoming conferences and workshops on quantum technologies around the world

An ecosystem for quantum technologies

Quantum Engineering Grenoble aims to foster an ecosystem for quantum technologies, connecting science, the humanities and entrepreneurship. Building on the unique concentration of expertises in Grenoble, our project will train outstanding students to become the future quantum engineers.

Together, we will investigate the whole spectrum of challenges, from the industrial transfer of a quantum processor to the philosophical and societal implications of quantum theory and technologies.