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  • During this third Junior Board seminar, the PhD members of the QuEnG and GreQue Junior Boards will briefly present their PhD projects, followed by a more in depth presentation by Cameron SPENCE.
  • Après Midi Quantique
    on the March 26, 2018
    Dans le cadre du projet QuEnG, nous venons de recruter Dominic Horsman pour un poste de chaire d'excellence sur 3 ans.Au cours de l'après midi quantique il fera un séminaire accessible sur l'ordinateur quantique.Ensuite on discutera des besoins en recrutement en informatique quantique puis des futurs séminaires et invités à accueillir dans le cadre du projet QuEnG.
  • From 27th to 31st August, Grenoble hosts the biennial conference, the “Journées de la Matière Condensée” (JMC), or Condensed Matter Days, organized by the Société Française de Physique.
  • Our Chair of Excellence in Philosophy of quantum physics invites applications from talented and motivated students for a 3-year PhD position to foster the physics/philosophy interface.

An ecosystem for quantum technologies

Quantum Engineering Grenoble aims to foster an ecosystem for quantum technologies, connecting science, the humanities and entrepreneurship. Building on the unique concentration of expertises in Grenoble, our project will train outstanding students to become the future quantum engineers.

Together, we will investigate the whole spectrum of challenges, from the industrial transfer of a quantum processor to the philosophical and societal implications of quantum theory and technologies.