Call PhD 2019 - GreQue old

Spring 2019
The Grenoble Quantum Engineering (GreQue) doctoral programme has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Marie Sklodowska-Curie grant agreement No 754303. It will provide the laureates with a double training involving fundamental research in top-level laboratories and strong industrial exposure through internships within our network of industrial partners.
Grenoble Quantum Engineering (GreQuE) novel Doctoral Programme will grant 25 PhD projects hosted in Grenoble research institutes in which each student will benefit from a 2 to 6 months placement in a European company. 28 SMEs & large groups in 5 countries have committed to offer such placement to our students in accordance with their PhD project.

The deadline for the last call is 2019, April 9, 11:59 (Paris time)

This call will attribute 1 PhD grant. It will be attributed jointly with QuEnG. So you must also apply to QuEnG.

GreQuE Doctoral Programme is expected to:

  1. Train top level quantum researchers willing to turn quantum technologies in important economic and societal impacts,
  2. Improve career opportunities at short and long-term scale by immersing the PhD candidates in the engineering culture,

The topics includes experimental and theoretical aspects of

  • Nanoelectronics,
  • Superconductive Qbits,
  • Spintronics,
  • Photonics
  • Computer science

The salary is 1758 €/month before tax for 3 years

How to apply

GreQuE Doctoral Programme is funded by the European Community under the Marie Slodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA). Applicants must fulfill the MSCA mobility criteria: No nationality conditions, but applicants must not have spent more than one year in France during the last three years.

  1. You must have found a PhD project that will be supported and supervised by one (or more) researcher(s) based in one of the following laboratories: Institut Néel, INAC, LPMMC, LNCMI, LIG and Institut Fourier
  2. Download the PhD programme application form
  3. With the help of your thesis supervisor, you must fill in this application form with all requested details
  4. You must contact us at in order to inform us of your intention to apply to the PhD programme. We will make sure your application matches the programme requirements.
  5. Save as PDF each document: Application form / CV / exam results / diplomas....
  6. Merge all these PDFs into ONE single .PDF file
  7. Send by email this that final PDF file to before the deadline
  8. You must request (at least) two recommendation letters based on the template included at the end of the application form (section F). These letters must be sent by your referee himself/herself directly to before the deadline
  9. Selected students will receive a convocation for the interview and instructions to prepare their travel and stay in Grenoble. All travel/accommodation expenses will be covered for 3 days/2 nights. This will provide enough time to each applicant to visit their hosting laboratory and to finalise their oral presentation together with their future thesis supervisor. Non-selected applicants will receive a short feedback report within 2 weeks.

Timing and selection procedure

  • 2019, April 9, 11:59 - Paris time : deadline for the submission of applications. After verifying its eligibility, each application is submitted to 2 independent reviewers.
  • 2019, May, 2: A Steering Committee session is held in order to select the applicants to be invited for an interview in Grenoble, on the basis of the reviewers reports
  • 2019, May 28 & 29: Interviews are held in Grenoble, in front of the Steering Committee plus some invited specialists.
  • Final results will be announced a few days later. Applicants on the short list will have to give an answer within 2 weeks so that applicants on the reserve list can be contacted. Non-selected applicants will receive a report within 2 weeks

The 2018 call of the PhD programmes is enlarged with three other fundings possibility which bear peculiarities. You must take note of them:

You can download here the annoucement of this call, to post in your lab.

Published on September 17, 2020