One of the research axis of PPL (research unit Philosophie, pratiques & langages) deals with the relationship between science and society. More specifically, philosophers in Grenoble have developed reflections on technological innovation processes, the nanotechnology revolution and the democratisation of the governance of science (see the ANR project DEMOCRASCI ).
As a novel, interdisciplinary domain of research, ranging from fundamental sciences to industrial applications, quantum engineering offers a unique opportunity for upstream integration of philosophical reflections on various topics such as:

  • Epistemological obstacles to interdisciplinary research
  • Epistemological specificities of applied and fundamental research dynamics and issues of compatibility
  • Societal challenges raised by quantum technologies
  • The value added by integrating citizens in scientific and technological choice processes

Another very promising domain of philosophical research in QuEng lies at the interface between philosophy of physics and foundational issues in quantum physics [See Quantum foundation group and Our chair of excellence in Philosophy of Quantum Physics]