The First ZX Calculus Workshop, Grenoble, FRANCE

from February 25, 2019 to February 26, 2019

Exact time will be communicated shortly
The First Grenoble Workshop on ZX will take place on Monday the 25th and Tuesday the 26th February 2019 at Université Grenoble Alpes, France. This is the week after the European Quantum Technology Conference (EQTC19) in Grenoble.
The Workshop will have space for discussion and short or medium presentations, with very much an informal atmosphere. As it's adjacent to the Flagship the idea is to put a certain amount of focus on technological applications of ZX, but all ZXers and their work are welcome, and also the ZX-curious.

Registration is FREE! 
To register please fill out the following registration form. Alternatively you can send an email to Dominic Horsman. You can use the suggested email template at the bottom of this page.


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Published on February 27, 2019

Practical informations


Université Grenoble Alpes (UGA)
Exact venue will be communicated shortly.
621 Avenue Centrale, 38400 Saint-Martin-d'Hères