QuEnG Seminar - Purely Quantum Polar Codes

on the July 10, 2019

At 2:00pm
As part of the QuEnG Seminar - Computer Science, we are pleased to invite you to a presentation by Ashutosh Goswami, a PhD student from the GreQuE Junior Board, on quantum polar codes.
We provide a purely quantum version of polar codes, achieving the coherent information of any quantum channel. Our scheme relies on a recursive channel combining and splitting construction, where random two-qubit Clifford gates are used to combine two single-qubit channels. The inputs to the synthesized bad channels are frozen by sharing EPR pairs between the sender and the receiver, so our scheme is entanglement assisted. We further show that a Pauli channel polarizes if and only if a specific classical channel over four symbol input set polarizes. We exploit this equivalence to prove fast polarization for Pauli channels, and to devise an efficient successive cancellation based decoding algorithm for such channels
Joint work with Frederic Dupuis, Mehdi Mhalla and Valentin Savin that will be presented at the conference  ITW2019

Published on June 28, 2019

Practical informations


Laboratoire d'informatique de Grenoble (LIG)
Room 482, 
Bâtiment IMAG, 700 Avenue Centrale, 38401 Saint-Martin-d'Hères