QuEnG Seminar - On programming quantum computers

on the February 6, 2019

At 2:00pm
As part of the QuEnG Seminar - Computer Science, we are pleased to welcome Benoît Valiron, who is assistant-professor at Centrale Supélec and doing research in the design and semantics of programming languages at the lab LRI. He is one of the main developper of the quantum programming language Quipper.
Quantum computation shows great promises for solving problems of sizes larger than what is possible with conventional computers. In recent years, the field has moved from theoretical research to industrial applications: Quantum algorithms are nowadays not only considered as apparatus designed to gauge complexity classes, but also as methods to potentially solve concrete, large-scale problems.  Moving from abstract to concrete requires the design of dedicated programming languages and libraries, compilers and optimizers. In this talk, we shall review the state of the field, and discuss the language designs and compilation frameworks suitable for quantum computation.

If you don't usually have acces to the Institut Néel main site (CNRS campus, Presqu'île) send an email to Richard EAST before 12:00pm on 5th of February so that your entry passes can be sent to you.

Published on January 21, 2019

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