Quantum Engineering Grenoble Seminar || Quantum Foundations -- Entanglement and emergent spacetime in quantum gravity

on the November 7, 2019

at 10:30 am
This week, the Chair of Excellence in Philosophy of Quantum Physics will host Daniele Oriti (LMU Munich) on Thursday and Friday 7-8 November 2019. He will give the next Quantum Engineering Grenoble Seminar || Quantum Foundations on Thursday morning, 10:30am, Institut Néel, room E-424.
I review some results in different quantum gravity formalisms, which put in direct correspondence spacetime and geometry with entanglement. They come both from the context of the AdS/CFT correspondence and from discrete quantum gravity (specifically, loop quantum gravity and group field theory). Together  they give further support to the idea of spacetime and geometry as an emergent notion, in quantum gravity.
Published on January 20, 2020

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