2 lectures on fault tolerant quantum computation by Dr. Hui Khoon Ng (Yale-NUS College, CQT, MajuLab)

from June 19, 2017 to June 21, 2017

10 am
The lectures will respectively take place on Monday 19th and Wednesday 21st at 10am, in room D420 (third floor of building D) of Néel Institute, and will last approximately 90 minutes.
1st lecture: Introduction to quantum error correction and fault tolerant quantum computation (Level: Beginners)

I will introduce the ideas behind quantum error correction and fault tolerant quantum computation. The focus will be on conveying basic concepts, rather than technical facts, and explaining why they are important for anyone interested in doing quantum information processing.
This will be an informal black/whiteboard lecture.

2nd lecture: Comparing the noise tolerance of different quantum error correction schemes (Level: Medium)

I will talk about the various fault tolerance noise thresholds that are often cited in papers, where they come from, and the specific contexts in which they are applicable (or not). Despite many researchers using these numbers as the basis for preferring particular fault-tolerant or error correction schemes, the different threshold estimates are not mutually comparable as the underlying assumptions are often incompatible. I will also report on some new results for the comparison of different schemes by asking the question: Given limited resources, which FT scheme achieves better noise mitigation for a given task? [This is based partly on work done with PhD student Chai Jing Hao (CQT); the manuscript is in preparation.]

Published on July 12, 2017

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