Quantum Energetics

The quantum energetics group of Grenoble is an interdisciplinary think tank gathering physicists, mathematicians and industrials. We are interested in the energetic and entropic aspects of computing, from classical to quantum, to assess the sustainability of quantum technologies. So far former meetings have allowed to list the following relevant questions:


  • The biggest enemy of quantum computation is decoherence: What are its entropic and energetic footprints and how will it influence the architectures of future quantum computers?


  • Future quantum processors will require efficient cooling processes: What are the current ultimate bounds, which kind of new mechanisms can we envision?


  • What are the energetic costs of the different architectures for Fault Tolerant quantum computing? Can these costs be used to benchmark error correction codes?


  • What is the experimental state of the art for quantum information thermodynamics and nano-heat transport?

The group is run by A. Auffèves, M. Vinet and R. Whitney and any new participant is welcome. If you wish to join us please send an email to Alexia Auffèves or Robert Whitney. We plan to meet on a regular basis along the 4 years of the Quantum Engineering Grenoble project. The next meeting will take place in September 2017.