Randomness, indeterminism and unpredictability in quantum mechanics

on the March 29, 2017

A seminar about Randomness, indeterminism and unpredictability in quantum mechanics, presented by Alastair Abbott (Néel), will take place on March 29th. in the room K223 (Neel), from 1pm to 3pm.
Quantum randomness plays a central role in many new “quantum technologies”, and is generally considered to be more fundamental than, and superior to, classical randomness. From a philosophical point of view, however, randomness is a very delicate concept, and care must be taken in developing such claims. I will discuss the concept of randomness and, in particular, its relation to indeterminism, and show how it can be more rigorously understood as a form of unpredictability. I will look at how this unpredictability can be more formally modelled, and examine more closely the differences between classical and quantum randomness. Finally, making use of this analysis, I will discuss the use of quantum randomness to generate random numbers.
Published on July 12, 2017