Quantum Foundation Group

The quantum foundations group of Grenoble is a community of interest gathering physicists and philosophers interested in the foundations and history of quantum mechanics. We develop interdisciplinary approaches to investigate the implications of quantum theory on the concepts of ontology, causality, randomness, irreversibility. Our group created the monthly Quantum Interdisciplinary Sciences Seminar. New participants are welcome.
  • Auffèves, Alexia
    Institut Néel
    Physicist, head of Quantum Engineering Grenoble
  • Baas, Augustin
    Université de Genève
    PhD in Physics and Master in Philosophy
  • Branciard, Cyril
    Institut Néel
  • Dourdent, Hippolyte
    I obtained an engineering diploma in photonics (Institut d’Optique Graduate School, France) and a Master in quantum optics (Université Paris-Saclay) in 2018. (During my Master studies, I worked on quantum contextuality, supervised by Alexei Grinbaum in CEA Paris-Saclay (Larsim) ; and my Master thesis focused on the quantum superposition of causal orders, supervised by Cyril Branciard in Institut Neel (Grenoble).)
  • Drezet, Aurélien
    Institut Néel
  • Mariani, Cristian
    working at Institut Néel as Postdoc in Philosophy of Quantum Physics
  • Lam, Vincent
    Chair holder - Chair of Excellence in Philosophy of Quantum Physics
    SNF Professor at the University of Bern - Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Queensland.
  • Letertre, Laurie
    After finishing a PhD in experimental physics in the University of Mons (Belgium), I did a Master in philosophy of physics in the University of Bristol. Thesis "Metaphysical implications of causal nonseparability", defended 10 march 2022.
  • Ruphy, Stéphanie

Published on April 18, 2017