Lam, Vincent

Chair holder - Chair of Excellence in Philosophy of Quantum Physics
SNF Professor at the University of Bern - Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Queensland.

PhD Student : Laurie Letertre
Postdoc : Cristian Mariani

Collaborations in Grenoble include:
-       Aléxia Auffèves (Institut Néel, UGA)
-       Aurélien Barreau (Laboratoire de Physique Subatomique et de Cosmologie, UGA)
-       Cyril Branciard (Institut Néel, UGA)
-       Aurélien Drézet (Institut Néel, UGA)
-       Stéphanie Ruphy (PPL, UGA  & Institut de Recherches Philosophiques de Lyon)

Research areas

  • Philosophy and foundations of physics
  • Philosophy of science
  • Metaphysics
  • Epistemology

Project ‘The entanglement of physics and philosophy’

This research project aims to articulate the interplay between fundamental physics and metaphysics in the context of the foundations of quantum theory, with a strong focus on quantum entanglement and its relationship to spacetime and causal structures. We will investigate the fundamental structures of the world---in particular regarding its spatio-temporal and causal aspects---quantum entanglement is pointing at, across the main realist quantum ontologies and across the main quantum theoretical frameworks, from non-relativistic quantum mechanics to quantum field theory on curved spacetimes and various approaches to quantum gravity. The goal is to develop a global perspective on quantum entanglement, taking into account hints from various (quantum) theoretical frameworks. We will pay particular attention to the suggestion about the quantum entanglement structure being ontologically on a par or even more fundamental than the spacetime structure. 
These investigations aim to provide a much needed concrete case study for the interplay between physics and metaphysics, highlighting how genuine---somehow ‘symmetric’ or ‘balanced’---interactions between the two may be fruitful both for our metaphysical conceptions of the physical world as well as for physical theorizing itself.
The following positions are advertised in relation to this project: 
3-year PhD position - CLOSED
1-year postdoc position - CLOSED


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Peer-reviewed articles in edited volumes
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Invited articles in edited volumes
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Invited book reviews
  • (2018) Lam, V. Review of ‘Naturgesetze in einer kausalen Welt’ by Andreas Bartels (Mu?nster: mentis, 2015). Forthcoming in Journal for General Philosophy of Science.
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Published on March 5, 2021