Fostering an Interdisciplinary Ecosystem

Our project is based on the development of three interfaces: Physics/Computer Science, Physics/Philosophy and Social Sciences, Academy/Industry.

Physics/Computer Science interface

We aim to develop novel computational languages adapted to the quantum logic, which requires a tight collaboration between computer scientists and experimental physicists. The Physics/Computer Science interface is sustained by the Quantum Algorithmic Group and strengthned by our Chair of Excellence in Quantum Computing. Regular seminars will be proposed through the community of interest on Quantum Algorithmics. If you are interested, please contact or to be registered on the mailing list

Physics/Philosophy/Social Sciences

Philosophers and theoretical physicists will explore new conceptions of reality and causality. This action is supported by our local Quantum Foundation Group and strenghtned by our Chair of Excellence in Philosophy of Quantum Physics. Expected societal impacts of new quantum technologies will call for a joint normative reflection between scientists, sociologists and philosophers on issues of scientific responsibility and soundness of public participation in scientific and technological choices

The physics/philosophy/social sciences interface is associated to a monthly Quantum Interdisciplinary Sciences Seminar (QISS). If you are interested, please contact or to be registered on the mailing list


Beyond its scientific challenges, our project aims to foster short loops between fundamental and applied research, and to bridge the gap between the academic and industrial world. Annual forums will be organised. Some laureates of our PhD programmes will be coached by our industrial partners, or performs secondments in companies. The Quantum Engineering Grenoble project provides a unique opportunity for the future quantum engineers to develop their network, both in the academic and in the private sector.

Published on March 25, 2018