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  • As part of the next QuEnG Seminar || Innovation, we are pleased to welcome Perrine Berger, Thales Research Technology (Palaiseau)
  • Quantum Engineering Grenoble Seminar || Quantum Foundations - Hippolyte Dourdent
    Physics, Research, Scientific culture and humanities
    on the February 11, 2020
    Witness of Quantum WeirdnessContextuality is certainly one of the most fundamental aspects of quantum weirdness. In fact, it is usually said that “in quantum mechanics, the result of a measurement depends on the experimental context”. This statement - often vaguely attributed to Bohr- finds a concrete foundation in a theorem established by Ernst Specker and Simon Kochen (1960-1967) and John Bell (1964-1966). This presentation aims at introducing their result and highlights why it is a key feature to understanding the core of what makes quantum mechanics “weird”.
  • As part of the QuEnG Seminar - Computer Science, we are pleased to welcome Prof. Elham Kashefi.Elham Kashefi is Professor of Quantum Computing at the University of Edinburgh and Directeur de recherche at CNRS, Sorbonne Universite, LIP6. She has pioneered a trans-disciplinaly research environment investigating all aspects of quantum cloud computing and verification of quantum technology all the way to actual industrial applications. She is Senior Science Team Leader for the UK Computing and Simulation Hub and the Co-founder of the French start up VeriQloud Ltd.

An ecosystem for quantum technologies

Quantum Engineering Grenoble aims to foster an ecosystem for quantum technologies, connecting science, the humanities and entrepreneurship. Building on the unique concentration of expertises in Grenoble, our project will train outstanding students to become the future quantum engineers.

Together, we will investigate the whole spectrum of challenges, from the industrial transfer of a quantum processor to the philosophical and societal implications of quantum theory and technologies.